Phenotype MicroArrays for Mammalian Cells

Using Biolog’s Phenotype MicroArray™ Technology, any type of cell can be characterised for metabolically related phenotypes in over 1,000 assays in a simple, rapid, and cost-effective manner.

By measuring a cell’s metabolic activity, including responses to a genetic alteration or chemical stimuli, this integrated system of cellular assays, instrumentation, and bioinformatic software reveals unique and insightful information on metabolic pathway activities, and cellular sensitivity to nutrients, hormones, cytokines, anti-cancer agents, and ions. By measuring energy output of cells, the technology also provides new assays for understanding mitochondrial function and toxicity.  Phenotype MicroArrays enable insight and discovery to expedite scientific publications.

This is accomplished using 96 well microplates, pre-loaded with hundreds of KEGG pathway-matched metabolic substrates, and metabolic effectors.

Phenotype MicroArrays are a proven method of cellular screening that is beneficial in a wide range of research applications:

  • Genotype/phenotype studies
  • Cell line characterisation and QC
  • Cellular metabolism, metabolic disorders, nutrition
  • Cell energetics growth and death
  • Hormone effects on cells
  • Metabolic reprogramming in cancer, Warburg effect, anti-cancer drug sensitivity
  • Mitochondrial toxicology in chemical/drug screens
  • Stem cells and differentiation
  • Cell line and bio process development

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