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TECHNOPATH partners with Microbiologics® for Quality Control Solutions for Growth Promotion Testing, Sterility Testing and more. We offer a wide range of Ready-to-use QC microorganisms for QC testing in the Pharmaceutical and Educational Industries are all manufactured in accordance with the industry’s highest standards.

Solutions include:

  • Qualitative QC Microorganisms
    (EZ-Accu Shot, EZ-Accu Shot Select, Custom Solutions, EZ-CFU One Step, EZ-CFU, Epower and EZ-PEC)
  • Quantitative QC Microorganisms
    (LYFO DISK, Kwik Stik and Kwik Stik Plus)
  • Certified Reference Materials
    (Epower CRM and Lab-Elite CRM)

Test Methods EZ-Accu Shot EZ-Accu Shot Select Custom Solutions EZ-CFU One Step EZ-CFU KWIK-STIK Epower EZ-PEC
Growth Promotion Testing
Suitability of Counting Methods
Suitability of Sterility Tests
Suitability of Tests for Specified Microorganisms
Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test
Disinfectant Qualification
Instrument Validation
Validation of Neutralisation Methods
Antibiotic Assays

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