Qualitative control strains as Certified Reference Material for ISO 17025 accredited labs

Increasing regulatory oversight in food, pharmaceutical and water industries has prompted many microbiology labs to seek accreditation to ISO 17025 standards. The Lab-Elite CRM, from Microbiologics®, is designed to help those labs meet the requirements of this standard which specify that “reference materials shall, where possible, be traceable to SI units of measurements, or to Certified Reference Materials (section”. Lab-Elite CRM microorganisms are just one passage from the reference culture and are delivered in our signature KWIK-STIK format. As a Certified Reference Material, Lab-Elite comes with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis detailing the strains identity and characteristics.

Applications & Test Methods

  • ISO 17025 laboratories requiring CRM
  • Validation/verification of processes and instruments
  • Presence/Absence
  • Identification methods