Phenotype MicroArrays for Microbial Cells

Biolog’s Phenotype MicroArray™ Technology enables researchers to characterise cells in up to 1,920 assays and evaluate cell changes under thousands of culture conditions and physiological states in a simple, rapid, efficient and cost-effective manner.  By measuring a cell’s response to a genetic or environmental alteration, this integrated system of cellular assays, instrumentation, and bioinformatics software reveals invaluable information to speed insight and discovery and expedite scientific publication. Phenotype MicroArrays (PMs) have broad applicability for genotype-phenotype characterisation as well as for determining optimal conditions for cellular growth, sporulation and germination, production of secondary metabolites, or enzymatic activities in cell lines.

Phenotype MicroArrays are a proven method of cellular screening that is extremely beneficial in a wide range of research applications:

  • Discovering effects of loss or gain of gene function.
  • Measuring/documenting changes in cell metabolism over time or under different environmental conditions.
  • Improvement and QC of phenotypic stability of cell lines.
  • Improved efficacy in the production of compounds in biological fermentation processes.
  • Evaluation of new drug/antibiotic candidates in toxicological profiling and mode of action studies.