Real-Time enumeration of individual Bacteria & Somatic Cells in raw milk

Automatic milk analysis at 200 samples/hour

The BactoCount series (50, 100, 150, 200) uses flow cytometry for the real-time determination of total flora and somatic cells in raw milk up to a maximum speed of 200 analysis/hour.
The high speed of this model makes it the ideal solution for mid to large size laboratories that need an easy to maintain, exceptionally fast bacteria counting system.
The BactoCount IBC Series uses a proprietary process based on flow cytometry for the rapid, highly accurate, reliable and multiplex enumeration of individual bacteria and somatic cells in raw milk.

The sampling, sequencing and identification of the sample vials are functions performed by the Autosampler.

Compatible with the ILAS 4000 ROBOT: Automation System for Bacteria Counter