Whole-cell or whole-organism external controls

Empower your results and challenge your methods with SeraCare’s ACCURUN® molecular controls and reference materials. ACCURUN molecular controls and reference materials are whole-cell or whole-organism external controls that help you monitor all aspects of your molecular testing methods and provide additional confidence in your laboratory test results. A well-designed QC program can help you avoid costly false-negative or false-positive results. ACCURUN molecular controls effectively detect low-positives closer to assay-specific cutoffs, enabling better detection of assay variability.

Powerful ACCURUN controls and reference materials help to ensure complete control over assay performance monitoring.

Monitors the Entire Testing Process.

In order to execute the highest level of quality control, QC methods should be able to monitor the entire testing process, not just a portion. ACCURUN molecular controls are whole-cell or whole-organism controls that can appropriately challenge your assay from extraction through detection.