Drug Discovery with Biolog Technologies

BiOLOG’s Phenotype MicroArray™ Technology for Microbial and Mammalian Cells, and new MitoPlate™ assays are used by pharmaceutical companies, biotech’s and academic institutions to assist with new drug target identification and drug re-purposing, and any applications in the process of developing solutions for the treatment and curing of disease.

Benefits of Phenotype MicroArrays in Drug Discovery:

  • Complement DNA microarrays. DNA microarrays allow scientists to measure the expression of thousands of genes of a cell under one growth condition, whereas Phenotype MicroArrays allow scientists to measure the effect of one gene in the cell under thousands of growth conditions.
  • Provide rapid answers to critical questions about cellular properties in a simple, rapid, efficient, and cost- effective process.
  • Provide rapid answers to how a gene of unknown function affects a cell at a physiological level.
  • Provide cell-to-cell comparisons to find novel drug targets based on in vivo physiological differences.
  • Provide a means to assay the effect of a drug on thousands of cellular targets under thousands of physiological states of the cell.
  • Provide rapid answers to questions about how a new lead affects a cell at a biochemical level.
  • Provide information on how new drug leads compare to and interact with existing drugs.
  • Reduce the time and cost of slow and cumbersome animal, plant, or human studies in late development.
  • Eliminate unproductive leads and projects, saving substantial R&D budget dollars that would be wasted in later development.