Assess your assay development milestones

When your assay development requires natural patient specimens that represent the body’s true response to an infection, you can depend on AccuVert seroconversion panels as a gold standard with which to assess your assay development milestones. The SeraCare seroconversion panels are developed using raw, undiluted plasma collected from a single individual during the development of an infection and subsequent immunological response. Spanning an array of infectious diseases from HIV to hepatitis and syphilis, SeraCare’s panels provide you with a diverse selection of products with high-quality datasets to help evaluate your assay.

A Rich History in Seroconversion Panels

SeraCare have been a trusted provider of seroconversion panels for over 30 years, IVD diagnostic manufacturers worldwide have used our panels in the development and validation of their assays for decades. As shown in the World Health Organisation HIV test evaluation kit reports, SeraCare HIV seroconversion panels have been used for comparative studies for HIV test kit evaluations, and are also frequently referenced in package inserts of leading IVD infectious disease platforms.