Select QC Rules and make meaningful QC decisions

IAMQC Expert, from Technopath Manufacturing Ltd, is an interactive system that helps front line laboratory staff select QC rules, reduce unnecessary repeats and make meaningful QC decisions. IAMQC Expert allows the end-user to monitor method performance relative to clinical requirements and focus on the tests that require their attention.

Times and technologies are changing rapidly. Instruments and methodologies are more accurate, precise and stable than they were a decade ago. Most laboratories have adopted these new technical advances, but few have modified their QC processes to match. Many laboratories are still using a 1-2s rule as recommended by Levey and Jennings in 1951.

Technopath Manufacturing Ltd  have designed a QC system that will alert users to significant changes and not generate QC flags when the system is operating safely within acceptable limits.

The system compares method performance to defined quality requirements (rather than to last month’s data) and recommends QC strategies that will warn users when QC data points exceed acceptable performance – with a minimal number of false flags. In the design of our QC system we “balance” the quality control system to meet the changing performance and stability of the analytical system.