Innovative, real-time, Peer Comparison Software from Technopath Manufacturing Ltd.

The web based system facilitates laboratories testing the same lot number of control material to access valuable information from their colleagues through peer comparison. The reports that are generated in IAMQC Peer compare the accuracy and precision of analytical processes between laboratories and peer groups. This information can be extremely valuable, indicating the user’s performance relative to their peer group and also providing powerful troubleshooting tools when attempting to resolve potential problems.

To participate in IAMQC Peer, each individual laboratory submits their individual results or summary statistics (mean, standard deviation, and number of data points) to the central database maintained by Technopath Manufacturing Ltd. Laboratories data may be submitted manually on-line or, alternatively, captured by one of our many interfacing options.

The information provided by IAMQC Peer can be used on a monthly basis to evaluate how well lab’s methods are operating, relative to the overall peer group. Users can also look at this peer data in real-time, interactive, tables online, when they are investigating a potential problem with accuracy or precision for an individual method.