Real-Time enumeration of individual Bacteria & Somatic Cells in raw milk

Semi-Automatic version up to 50 analysis/hour

The new BactoCount IBCm 3.0 is a semi-automated instrument that uses a proprietary process based on next-generation flow cytometry for the rapid, highly accurate, reliable and multiplex enumeration of individual bacteria and somatic cells in raw milk.
The rapid test for bacteria and somatic cells makes it the ideal solution for any processing plant or laboratory involved in the quality assessment of milk.

The instrument offers multiplex applications thanks to its unique dedicated platform. Up to two applications can be run simultaneously on a given sample. The overall design of the instrument has also been designed to allow ease of access and maintenance. With this in mind, IBCm 3.0 embeds a new kinetic, self aligned flow cell mounting system.

The BactoCount IBCm 3.0 can be equipped with a conveyor, automating the sampling at a maximum rate of 50 analysis/hour. The sampling, sequencing and identification of the sample vials are functions performed by the Autosampler.

Compatible with the ILAS 4000 ROBOT: Automation System for Bacteria Counter