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Special Coagulation Control from Biomedica Diagnostics
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Routine and Special Coagulation Controls

TECHNOPATH partners with BioMedica Diagnostics, a Health Canada registered, FDA 510(k) cleared company with CE marked products for routine and special coagulation control.

The controls are intended to be used as unassayed controls for monitoring the performance of routine/special coagulation assays on analysers in a clinical setting. The controls are to be tested in the same manner as freshly drawn citrated patient plasma.

The controls are available within the normal and abnormal ranges and suitable for use in four (4) parameters for Routine Controls and eighteen (18) parameters for Special Controls.

BioMedica Diagnostics is a proudly Canadian company collaborating internationally with technology developers and health care stakeholders to develop and manufacture customised reagent and diagnostic solutions, meeting new, and specific identified needs.

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