Examine environmental community diversity with Biolog EcoPlates™

Biolog EcoPlates provide a sensitive and reliable index of environmental change. This approach, called community-level physiological profiling (CLPP), is effective at distinguishing spatial and temporal changes in the metabolism of microbial communities. Microbial communities provide useful information about environmental change. Microorganisms are present in virtually all environments and are typically the first organisms to react to chemical and physical changes in the environment. Changes in microbial communities are often a precursor to changes in the health and viability of the environment as a whole.

31 carbon assays in triplicate
EcoPlates contain 3 repeated sets of 31 carbon sources and employ a tetrazolium redox dye as an indicator of microbial metabolism. As microbes utilise the carbon sources they respire and the tetrazolium reporter dye is reduced to form a visible purple colour. Communities of microorganisms will exhibit a characteristic reaction pattern, a metabolic fingerprint, that reflects the metabolic properties of the community.

  • Measure the metabolism of 31 carbon sources per assay
  • Each assay panel tests in triplicate
  • Simple colorimetric readout
  • Readable with any microplate reader

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