Rapid and accurate determination of milk products chemical composition

Semi-automatic and automatic versions from 100 up to 300 samples/hour

The DairySpec FT uses FTIR spectroscopy for extremely accurate and reliable milk and dairy products chemical composition determination. Analysing up to 64 parameters simultaneously, the DairySpec FT is the optimal solution for the quality control of raw and processed materials.
It gives access to the very fine analysis of milk and dairy products chemical composition (fat, proteins, casein, lactose, solids, urea, citric acid, fatty acids profil, FPD). Highly reliable and accurate for milk (raw, UHT, …) and dairy products (cream, whey, permeate, retentate, …) analysis.
Adaptable to measure other products and parameters upon request.

The spectra are standardised in real time to optimise calibrations transferability, stability and qualitative analysis (adulteration). Direct access to spectra for the development of new calibrations.

3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface ATP UXL100
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