Accelerate assay optimisation, simplify regulatory compliance, and ensure quality

The ARIES® Systems are Luminex’s sample to answer, real time PCR systems that are crafted to increase laboratory efficiency, ensure result accuracy, and fit seamlessly into today’s lean laboratory.  ARIES® allows your lab to control every aspect of the sample to answer testing process, from sample accessioning through result reporting.

ARIES® SARS-CoV-2 Assay now available!

Designed for Improved Lab Efficiency and Workflow

  • Universal Assay Protocol may enable multiple sample types and up to 12 different IVD assays to be run together in a Random Batch.
  • Simultaneous STAT and batch testing on a single ARIES® System.
  • Flexible throughput options with the ARIES® two module system or ARIES

Designed for Seamless Integration and Testing Accuracy

  • Internal barcode scanning matches samples to cassettes, enabling Position Independent Results no matter where every cassette is placed.
  • Bidirectional LIS connectivity enables electronic ordering.
  • Integrated touchscreen PC eliminates the need for computer peripherals, maximising valuable bench space.