UHT and ESL Beverage Testing

The 3M™ Microbial Luminescence System (MLS) is a rapid method for release testing of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) processed products.

Following a 2 to 3 day pre-incubation of the product sample, simply pipette 50 µL of the pre-incubated sample into a well of the microplate. Place the microplate on the 3M MLS II instrument and select the appropriate assay within the software. The instrument provides real-time results in 27 minutes or less.

With traditional agar methods, not only do you have to pre-incubate sample containers, you then have to wait 2 to 5 days for the microorganisms to grow on the plate. The 3M Microbial Luminesce System eliminates the second incubation period, allowing you to release product 2 to 5 days faster. That means you can reduce inventory storage space and cost, generate faster inventory turns, increase cash flow and be more flexible and responsive to customer needs.
Reassuring Reliability.

Using bioluminescence technology, the 3M Microbial Luminescence System detects ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an energy molecule universally present in all living organisms. This allows the 3M MLS to have faster time-to-result than traditional pH or agar tests, and more reliably detect a broad range of microorganisms than traditional methods.

With the 3M MLS UHT Beverage Screen Kit, a wide variety of UHT and ESL products can be tested such as dairy products (milk, flavored milk, creamers, ice cream mixes), dairy substitutes (soy, rice, almond and coconut milks), juices (orange, apple, peach, grape, tomato), caffeinated beverages, smoothies (formulated with milk and juice), infant/medical nutrition (baby formula, nutrition shakes), coconut water, soups and broths.