AVANOS Closed Suctions Systems with BALLARD* Technology


Advanced infection control that sets a new standard in clean

From the leader in closed suctioning, AVANOS* Closed Suction Systems have advanced infection control features that redefine the standard of care for closed suctioning.  These unique infection prevention features have been proven to reduce cross-contamination5, reducing ICU days and associated costs6.  With a solution to meet every patient’s need, AVANOS* Closed Suction Systems are a powerful tool in your fight against this deadly HAI.

AVANOS* Turbo-Cleaning Closed Suction System, which features BALLARD* Technology, is the only catheter that retracts within a unique, isolated and vacuum-sealed turbulent cleaning chamber.
The turbulent cleansing action results in an 89% cleaner catheter tip compared to a standard closed suction system7.  This reduced colonisation may help reduce risk of VAE in your ventilated patients.

AVANOS* Multi-Access Port Closed Suction System features a compact rotating manifold that provides multiple ports to access the patient’s airway without jeopardising integrity of the closed circuit.  A closed circuit helps you protect your patient from cross-contamination and VAE.

Closed suctioning is a best practice that protects patients and caregivers:

  • Reduces the risk for contamination from outside pathogens5
  • Reduces colonisation within the circuit5
  • Designed to protect caregivers from exposure to body fluids

REFS: For references please refer to attached brochure – View Closed Suction Systems Brochure here

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