The following additional IDEXX SNAP Tests are available and validated to detect residues in raw, commingled cow milk.

SNAP Tetracycline Test
Tetracycline is one of the most commonly used antibiotics—make sure your milk is within residue limits.

SNAP Gentamicin Test
Ensures that residues from this common mastitis antibiotic are within regulatory limits.

SNAP Aflatoxin M1 Test
AFM1 is a potent carcinogen that can enter the milk supply if cows consume contaminated feed.

SNAP Sulfamethazine Test
Detects sulfamethazine residues at or below the safe/tolerance level.

A heater block is used during the heat/incubation step.

Description: Use with all IDEXX SNAP tests that include a heat/incubation step.
Ensures correct, even temperatures for reliable, consistent results.

May be used in conjunction with the SNAPshot DSR Reader to read and display test results.