Confirmed E. coli results in 24-48 hours

3M™ Petrifilm™ E. coli/Coliform Count Plates provide a cost-effective, convenient and reliable method for testing equipment, raw materials, food products and manufacturing environmental samples.

The 3M Petrifilm E. coli/Coliform Count Plate is a sample-ready-culture-medium system which contains Violet Red Bile (VRB) nutrients, a cold-water-soluble gelling agent, an indicator of glucuronidase activity (BCIG), and a tetrazolium indicator that facilitates colony enumeration in food and beverage samples.

These plates provide both E. coli and total Coliform Count information with confirmed results in just 24-48 hours. By eliminating subsequent confirmation steps required with most traditional reference methods, the 3M Petrifilm E. coli/Coliform Count Plates can help increase productivity and reduce overall lab costs.

The 3M Petrifilm Plate Advantage
In today’s environment of heightened focus on food safety and increasingly stringent quality requirements, labs are under pressure to provide tests that are fast, reliable and consistently accurate. 3M Petrifilm Plates have demonstrated consistent performance that has been cited globally with more than 200 certificates, recognitions, validations, and peer-review publications. For more than 30 years, food safety professionals around the world have put their trust in 3M Petrifilm Plates. That’s because 3M Petrifilm Plates have streamlined, standardized and simplified the process of microbial quantitative indicator testing, improving productivity and helping ensure the highest levels of product quality.