Introducing the BladderScan® Prime Plus™ from Verathon

Groundbreaking Accuracy
Scanning accuracy results when tech- nology and human factors align. Prime Plus offers pre- and post-scan aim-assist features as clinical guidance to optimise performance.

  • ImageSense™ deep learning technology automatically calculates 3D volume
  • Enhanced EdgeScan off-centre scan alerts
  • Pioneering pubic bone interference indicator
  • 12 BMODE-slice review

Streamlined Workflow
The Prime Plus™ user interface makes work easier and faster than ever.

  • Time saving, one-step automated volume results
  • BladderTraq precision and 1–999 ml volume detection
  • Automatically adapts to patient types such as male, female and small child
  • Unique probe design

Powered by ImageSense – a groundbreaking algorithm harnessing real-world clinical data, deep learning and artificial intelligence technology – setting a new standard in accuracy:
+/– 7.5% on volumes greater than 100 ml
+/– 7.5 ml on volumes less than 100 ml