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The Importance of Environmental Monitoring

TECHNOPATH partners with 3M for technologies and products for food safety. 

The impact of major recalls, increased consumer awareness, changing regulations and international standards is driving a shift in food safety and quality strategies. While the focus of food testing has traditionally been on raw materials and finished product, a preventive approach through testing the food processing environment can help identify and correct potential issues before they lead to a major problem or recall.

Build and implement a holistic environmental monitoring program with technologies from 3M to improve product quality, reduce spoilage, and extend shelf life.

All 3M Food Safety products are supported by TECHNOPATH.

Check out the 3M Food Safety Solutions for Allergen Testing:

3M™ Allergen Protein Rapid Test kits
3M™ Allergen Protein ELISA Test kits
3M™ Clean-Trace™ Surface Protein (Allergen) Test Swab

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