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It’s worth taking measures to prevent even one case of Ventilated Associated pneumonia (VAP)

AVANOS is addressing the known risk factors for VAP with flexible, easy-to-use Oral Care Kits, available form TECHNOPATH.

AVANOS Oral Care Kits for Adults Feature:

  • Colour-coded packaging, allowing caregivers to easily identify specific component packs and to track oral care compliance.
  • Rectangular kit design with wall hanger, making it more conveniently accessible in the patient’s room to make compliance easier.
  • Individual packs that allow caregivers to choose the right tool at the right time, based on patient need and hospital protocol.
Components/Packs Features Benefits
includes Self-Cleaning, Covered Yankauer, Suction Handle, Y-adapter
Self-cleaning, covered Yankauer with PEEP seal technology Cleans secretions and debris from the shaft after suctioning.
High flow atraumatic tip with multiple holes Allows for quick and effective removal of secretions.
Ergonomic Suction Handle design that fits with all suction tools Allows for the caregiver to perform the cleaning procedure more comfortably.
Soft on/off switch on Suction Handle Allows for easy suction control. Soft button for nurse’s comfort.
Clip design on Suction Handle Provides convenient and cleaner storage between uses.
Y-adapter design Allows multiple functions with one canister.
includes Suction Toothbrush, Applicator Swab
Single mould supple toothbrush with soft and flexible bristles Prevents bristles from falling out. Cleans debris and suctions secretions. Tooth brushing helps remove dental plaque
includes Suction Swab, Application Swab
Long angled suction swab with soft sponge tip Promotes easier access in patient’s mouth from the side of the bed. Stimulates, cleans and freshens oral mucosa.
Large suction hole in swab Reduces clogging.
AVANOS* SUCTION CATHETERS Pliable tubing Allows for flexible manoeuvring while suctioning the oropharyngeal area.

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